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System and Method for Computer Based Test Assembly

Sanchez-Lazer, Teresa; Burns, Richard L.; Driscoll, Gary F.; Tyler, Linda; Keener, Barbara; Kuntz, David; Willian, Ken
Patent Issued:
Dec 14, 1999
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Active Patent, Test Development, Item Development, Test Creation, Test Evaluation, Item Creation, Item Evaluation, Computer Based Environment, Automated Test Assembly (ATA)


A computer-based test assembly system and method for generating an assembly of test items. The test assembly process includes creating tests in electronic form from already-existing test items and allowing access by a plurality of assembly personnel and reviewers via a network. Assemblers select test items on-line for inclusion in an assembly. Electronic selection is accomplished by means of an automated item selection algorithm or through a manual, but electronic series of queries. The test assembly process also includes an automated test layout feature which automatically assembles a test from the selected items. When a test is assembled, an assembler uses an automated documentation feature which generates a comprehensive documentation of the completed assembly.

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