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Automatic Essay Scoring System Using Content-Based Techniques (Expired)

Burstein, Jill; Kaplan, Randy M.; Wolff, Susanne; Lu, Chi
Patent Issued:
Sep 05, 2000
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Expired Patent, Automated Scoring and Natural Language Processing, Automated Essay Scoring (AES), Content Assessment, Domain-Referenced Testing, Scoring Rules, Computer-Based Scoring, Data Storage, Tree Format


A system for carrying out a content-based process for automatically scoring essays is disclosed. The system includes a computer; a data storage device; a parse tree file stored in the data storage device, the parse tree file being representative of an essay in a parse tree format; a morphology stripping program; a concept extraction program for creating, on the basis of a morphology-stripped parse tree file, a phrasal node file; and a rule matching scoring program for scoring the essay on the basis of the phrasal node file.

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