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Methods and Systems for Presentation and Evaluation of Constructed Responses Assessed by Human Evaluators (Expired)

Bejar, Isaac I.; Whalen, Sean J.
Patent Issued:
Sep 25, 2001
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Expired Patent, Constructed-Response Scoring, Distributed Scoring, Human Raters, Data Analysis, Test Scores, Computer Based Environment


The present invention provide systems and methods for controlled presentation of constructed responses through a variety of computer applications to human evaluators for assessment. The systems and methods further provide for controlled presentation of the constructed responses to minimize the influences of psychometric factors on the accuracy of the human evaluators' assessments and to maximize the ability to efficiently generate data for use in analyzing the accuracy of the human evaluators' assessments and the difficulty of the constructed response categories or questions. The systems and methods of the present invention utilize a storage means which relationally stores data regarding the human evaluators, the constructed responses, the scores awarded and the computer applications to utilize. The systems also comprise assessment stations and processing means for selectively transmitting constructed responses to the assessment stations and receiving scores awarded by the human evaluators assigned to the assessment stations.

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