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Remote Computer Capabilities Querying and Certification

Brittingham, Peter; Forer, Douglas; Bentley, Kevin
Patent Issued:
Aug 15, 2006
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Active Patent, Data Management, Network File System, Network Evaluation, Network Administration, Remote Networks, Software Use, Certification, Online Service, Computer Applications, Support Services


A remote client computer performance/compatibility querying and certification system allows a server to remotely gather performance/capability information from a client computer, such as its processor class or family, display resolution capability, installed software components, peripheral devices, or the type and version of its operating system, and determine whether it is capable of accessing and utilizing an on-line service via a communication network. The performance/capability information is gathered using a querying program downloaded from the server and running on the client computer. The querying program queries the system/component registry of the client computer's operating system using, e.g., one or more application program interface function calls. The gathered performance/capability information is used to, e.g., pre-certify the client computer before utilizing the on-line service, determine whether the user desires to purchase software on-line, and/or provide an expert technician information regarding the client computer's installed software/hardware components during an on-line technical support session.

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