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Method and System for Computer-Assisted Test Construction Performing Specification Matching During Test Item Selection

Swanson, Len
Patent Issued:
Jan 16, 2007
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Patent, Active Patent, Test Development, Test Creation, Test Evaluation, Test Construction, Item Creation, Item Evaluation, Item Selection, Item Development, Test Development System, Computer Assisted Design


A method and system for constructing a test using a computer system that performs specification matching during the test creation process is disclosed. A test developer determines one or more test item databases from which to select test items. The test item databases are organized based on psychometric and/or content specifications. The developer can examine the textual passages, artwork or statistical information pertaining to a test item before selecting it by clicking on a designation of the test item in a database. The developer can then add the test item to a list of test items for the test. The test development system updates pre-designated psychometric and content specification information as the developer adds each test item to the test. The test developer can use the specification information to determine whether to add to, subtract from, or modify the list of test items selected for the test.

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