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Methods for Conducting Server-Side Encryption/Decryption-On-Demand

Blew, Edwin O.; Chang, Ker-Ming
Patent Issued:
Apr 14, 2009
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Active Patent, Data Management, Network File System, Network Evaluation, Network Administration, Data Encryption, Computer Security, Data Storage, Admitted Class Evaluation Service (ACES), Web-Based Services, Web Browser


A method and system for encryption and decryption of data files on a web-based computer system includes encrypting the data file in a memory subsystem, such as RAM, storing the encrypted data file in one or more of a plurality of memory locations, analyzing and modifying the encrypted data file, retrieving and decrypting the modified data file, and displaying the decrypted data file on a web browser. The computer system may include one to three servers. The data file may be encrypted and decrypted using any dual-key encryption algorithm, such as PGP, or a single key algorithm. Data transmitted into and out of the computer system may be via an SSL/HTTPS protocol to provide additional security.

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