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Method and System for Assessing Pronunciation Difficulties of Non-Native Speakers by Entropy Calculation

Higgins, Derrick; Zechner, Klaus; Futagi, Yoko; Lawless, Rene
Patent Issued:
Aug 17, 2010
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Active Patent, Speech Recognition, Entropy, Pronunciation, Non-Native Speakers, Difficulty Level


The present disclosure presents a useful metric for assessing the relative difficulty which non-native speakers face in pronouncing a given utterance and a method and systems for using such a metric in the evaluation and assessment of the utterances of non-native speakers. In an embodiment, the metric may be based on both known sources of difficulty for language learners and a corpus-based measure of cross-language sound differences. The method may be applied to speakers who primarily speak a first language speaking utterances in any non-native second language.

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