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Method and System for Designing Adaptive, Diagnostic Assessments

Shute, Valerie J.; Hansen, Eric G.; Almond, Russell G.
Patent Issued:
Nov 09, 2010
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Patent, Active Patent, Test Design, Test Development, Test Creation, Test Evaluation, Item Creation, Item Evaluation, Item Development, Adaptive Testing, Diagnostic Assessment, Student Models, Evidence Centered Design, Proficiency Measurement


A method and system for administering an assessment to a student are disclosed. The expected weight of evidence may be calculated for each of one or more tasks based on a student model pertaining to a student. A task may be selected based on the calculated expected weights of evidence. The selected task may be administered to the student, and evidence may be collected regarding the selected task. The student model pertaining to the student may be updated based on the evidence. A determination of whether additional information is required to assess the student may be made. If additional information is required to assess the student, the above steps may be repeated. Otherwise, a proficiency status may be assigned to the student based on the student model.

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