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Cognitive/Non-Cognitive Ability Analysis Engine

Kuntz, David; Underwood, Jody S.; Cano, Diana
Patent Issued:
Jan 01, 2011
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Active Patent, Cognitive Ability, Non-Cognitive Ability, Performance Data, Ability Measure, Diagnostic Feedback


A method for evaluating at least one cognitive and/or non-cognitive ability of a user is disclosed herein. The method comprises receiving performance data from at least one associated activity, transmitting said performance data to an analysis engine, receiving, from the analysis engine and based on the new and pre-existing performance, an evaluation and diagnostic feedback, wherein the evaluation and diagnostic feedback are the product of at least one mathematical model, and wherein the evaluation describes the at least one cognitive and/or non-cognitive ability, and transmitting to the user report text, wherein the report is based on both the evaluation and the diagnostic feedback.

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