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System and Method for Parallel Conversion, Compilation, and Distribution of Content

Willian, Ken; Hofmann, Gerald; Leas, Dirk
Patent Issued:
Mar 22, 2011
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Active Patent, Item Content, Parallel Test Forms, Test Delivery, Test Format, Computer Based Environment, Computer-Based Testing (CBT)


Systems and methods for parallel conversion, compilation, and distribution of content are disclosed. An application interface may be provided that enables a user to request the conversion of content items into formats well suited for presentation. The request may include a set of deliverables. Each deliverable may include an associated content item and a corresponding associated format to which to convert the associated content item. The request may be processed by a "pipeline" application. The pipeline application calls existing applications or proprietary applications associated with a delivery channel, and the pipeline application may customize the content items for conversion into the corresponding formats. The pipeline application may convert the associated content items using a plurality of parallel processing threads, each thread corresponding to an associated deliverable, whereby each thread converts the associated content item to the corresponding associated format. The pipeline application may compile the converted content, and distribute the compiled content to selected presentation devices.

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