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Method and System for Evaluating Vocabulary Similarity

Attali, Yigal
Patent Issued:
Sep 25, 2012
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Active Patent, Vocabulary, Similarity Indexes, Automated Essay Scoring (AES), Automated Scoring and Natural Language Processing, Essay Topics, Text Classification


A method, system and processor-readable storage medium for evaluating vocabulary similarity are disclosed. A generic rate may be determined for each word in a plurality of first responses. Each first response may respond to one of a plurality of first prompts. At least one first response may respond to each of the first prompts. A specific rate may be determined for each word in a plurality of second responses, which each respond to a second prompt. A target response may be received that is associated with the second prompt and has a plurality of words. A vocabulary similarity index may be computed for the target response based on one or more generic rates and on or more specific rates. A determination of whether the target response is off-topic may be made based on the vocabulary similarity index for the target response.

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