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System and Method for Computer Based Creation of Tests Formatted to Facilitate Computer Based Testing

Driscoll, Gary F.; Burns, Richard L.; Keener, Barbara; Sanchez-Lazer, Teresa; Tyler, Linda; Snieckus, Alison; SooHoo, Paul; Willian, Ken; Wichert, Victor E.
Patent Issued:
Jul 24, 2012
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Active Patent, Test Development, Test Creation, Test Creation System (TCS), Test Evaluation, Item Development, Item Creation, Item Evaluation, Computer-Based Testing (CBT), Computer Based Environment, Collaboration


A computer-based test creation system and method for generating test items. The test creation process includes creating items in electronic form and allowing access by a plurality of reviewers via a network. The reviewers may review the item for content, fairness and format, and collaborate with each other before indicating that the item is acceptable for inclusion in a test. After the administration of the items to test takers, item performance may be evaluated on-line by reviewing electronic feedback from the administrations and creating electronic evaluation reports. Since the items are created in an electronic form, the items may further include new forms of stimuli such as graphics and multimedia.

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