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Computer Based Test Item Generation

Brittingham, Peter; Morley, Mary; Fife, James H.; Rarich, Robert L.; Katz, Irvin R.; Bennett, Randy Elliot; Zelman, Mark G.; Singley, Mark Kevin; Jha, Krishna
Patent Issued:
Jun 19, 2012
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Active Patent, Computer Based Tests, Automated Item Generation, Test Item, Item Models, Item Creation, Computer-Based Testing (CBT)


A computerized method and system for creating test items by generating variants from a test item model, comprising the steps of creating a new test item model by identifying elements of an initial test item or test item model to be variabilized, variabilizing the elements thereby creating test item variables, indicating values the variables can assume, defining the variables, and generating test item variants utilizing a simultaneous constraint solver. The initial test item can be a pre-existing test item or test item model, a newly created test item or even a conceptual template in the mind of the test item creator. The generated test item variants are displayed to the test item creator. The test item creator can store and forward acceptable test item variants for later use as test items. Test item models can be stored for later use in generating new test item variants

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