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Test Discrimination and Test Construction for Cognitive Diagnosis

Henson, Robert A.
Patent Issued:
Jan 08, 2013
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Active Patent, Cognitive Diagnosis, Automated Item Selection (AIS), Discrimination Index, Test Construction, Item Discrimination (Tests), Item Banks, Test Items


A method, system and computer-readable carrier for using a discrimination index to select test items from an item bank for a test are disclosed. At least one parameter may be identified for each of a plurality of test items in an item bank. A first test item may be selected from the item bank based on at least the parameter for the test item. Each unselected test item may be evaluated to determine whether one or more constraints would be satisfied if the test item were selected. A next test item may be selected from the unselected test items that satisfy the one or more first constraints based on at least the parameter for each test item. The Evaluation and test item selection processes may be repeated until one or more second constraints are satisfied.

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