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System and Method for Identifying Organizational Elements in Argumentative or Persuasive Discourse

Madnani, Nitin; Heilman, Michael; Tetreault, Joel R.; Chodorow, Martin
Patent Issued:
Dec 08, 2015
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Active Patent, Argumentative Discourse, Persuasive Discourse, Discourse Annotation, Automated Essay Scoring (AES), Automated Scoring and Natural Language Processing, Text Analysis


In accordance with the teachings described herein, systems and methods are provided for identifying organizational elements in argumentative or persuasive discourse. A text that has been annotated is received. The annotated text includes argumentative or persuasive discourse that includes claims and evidence and organizational elements configured to organize the claims and evidence. Annotations of the annotated text distinguish the organizational elements from the claims and evidence. A rule set or a feature set is identified from the annotated text, where the rule set or the feature set includes textual patterns or word frequency features related to the organizational elements of the annotated text. A model is built based on the annotations and on the rule set or the feature set. The model is configured to identify organizational elements in a new text. The model is applied to the new text.

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