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Systems and Methods for Assessments of Non-Native Speech Using Vowel Space Characteristics

Chen, Lei; Evanini, Keelan; Sun, Xie
Patent Issued:
Feb 16, 2016
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Active Patent, Pronunciation, Non-Native Speakers, Automated Scoring of Speech, Automatic Speech Recognition, Automated Scoring and Natural Language Processing, Spoken Language Assessment, Vowel Quality


Computer-implemented systems and methods are provided for assessing non-native speech proficiency. A non-native speech sample is processed to identify a plurality of vowel sound boundaries in the non-native speech sample. Portions of the non-native speech sample are analyzed within the vowel sound boundaries to extract vowel characteristics. The vowel characteristics are used to identify a plurality of vowel space metrics for the non-native speech sample, and the vowel space metrics are used to determine a non-native speech proficiency score for the non-native speech sample.

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