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Systems and Methods for Computer-Based Testing

Cano, Diana; Rumianowski, John; Castro, Andy
Patent Issued:
Jan 24, 2017
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Active Patent, Test Administration, Handheld Devices, Test Security, Electronic Devices, Test Takers, Test Delivery, Computer-Based Testing (CBT)


Systems and methods are provided for administering a test using an electronic device. The electronic device is registered to a test-taker, where the registering includes receiving identifying information from the test-taker and associating the electronic device with the test-taker using the identifying information. The test is stored in encrypted form on the electronic device, and the test includes a test question. The test is decrypted prior to test administration. The test is administered to the test-taker via the electronic device, and the administering includes displaying the test question on the electronic device and receiving an answer to the test question on the electronic device. The administered test is removed from the electronic device after transferring the answer to a testing service.

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