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Generating Scores and Feedback for Writing Assessment and Instruction Using Electronic Process Logs

Deane, Paul; Feng, Gary; Zhang, Mo; Hao, Jiangang; Bergner, Yoav; Flor, Michael; Wagner, Michael; Lederer, Nathan; Attali, Yigal
Patent Issued:
Apr 16, 2019
Patent Number:
ETS Patent
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Subject/Key Words:
Patent, Active Patent, Constructed-Response Scoring, Feedback, Writing Assessment, Writing Instruction, Automated Scoring, Keystroke Log, Electronic Data Processing


Systems and methods are provided for scoring a constructed response generated by a user and providing information on the user's writing behavior. A constructed response and associated electronic process log are received. The constructed response is processed to generate first feature values representative of aspects of the constructed response. The electronic process log is processed to generate second feature values related to the user's actions in generating the constructed response. A score for the constructed response is generated using the processing system by applying a computer scoring model to the first and second feature values. A rule of a rule engine that is satisfied is identified, the rule being satisfied when one or more feature values of the second feature values meet a condition associated with the rule. Information on the user's actions in generating the constructed response is provided based on the satisfied rule.

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