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ETS Research Spotlight

Eignor, Daniel, ed.; Attali, Yigal; Powers, Donald E.; Tannenbaum, Richard J.; Wylie, E. Caroline; Kim, Sooyeon; Walker, Michael E.; McHale, Frederick J.; Elliot, Norbert; Scharf, Davida; Huey, Heather; Joshi, Kamal; Briller, Vladimir
Publication Year:
ETS Research Spotlight, n2, Feb 2009
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Subject/Key Words:
Research & Development Division (R&D) Writing Assessment Standard Setting Score Linking Proficiency Scales Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Internet Based Testing (iBT) Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) Equating Large-Scale Assessment Non-Equivalent-Groups Anchor Test (NEAT) Design New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Information Literacy iSkills Assessment SAT Grade Point Average (GPA)


Issue 2 of ETS Research Spotlight contains four articles based on reports from the ETS Research Report Series: A Developmental Writing Scale (Y. Attali & D. Powers) Using Standard-Setting Methodology for Linking Assessment Scores to Proficiency Scales: TOEFL® iBT and TOEIC® Assessment Exemplars (R. J. Tannenbaum & E. C. Wylie) Equating of Mixed-Format Tests in Large-Scale Assessments (S. Kim, M. E. Walker, & F. McHale) Multiple Methods of Assessing Information Literacy: A Case Study (I. R. Katz, N. Elliot, Y. Attali, D. Scharf, D. Powers, H. Huey, K. Joshi, & V. Briller) The issue also contains abstracts from all 2008 contributions to the ETS Research Report Series.

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