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Teaching Content to English Learners in the Era of the Common Core Standards ELL ESL

Turkan, Sultan; Schramm-Possinger, Megan
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R&D Connections, n23, Jun 2014
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Teaching, Teacher Training, English Language Learners (ELL), English as a Second Language (ESL), Common Core State Standards, Content Teaching, Complex Literacy, Achievement Gap, Language Comprehension, Disciplinary Linguistic Knowledge, Pedagogical Language Knowledge


The authors discuss the role of language for teaching content to the growing population of English language learners. The Common Core State Standards require students to demonstrate high levels of literacy skills in content areas such as mathematics, science, technical subjects, English language arts in history and social sciences. This will impact all students, but especially English language learners. It will demand more of content teachers, who need to be aware of the role of language in teaching content. The authors highlight the need for more awareness and knowledge about language in teaching content to EL students, as well as implications for future research. This is the 23rd issue in the R&D Connections series.

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