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Conversation-Based Assessment

Jackson, Tanner; Zapata-Rivera, Diego
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R&D Connections, n25, 2015
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Artificial Intelligence Avatars (Computer graphics) Collaborative Learning Computer-Based Testing (CBT) Constructed Response Conversation Conversation Analysis Educational Games Evidence Centered Design (ECD) Interactive Assessment Scenario Based Tasks Simulation Strategy Tutors


This essay discusses and provides examples of a new type of assessment that involves computer-to-human conversations aiming to capture rich evidence of learning not unlike a conversation between a tutor and a student. Conversation-based assessment (CBA) builds on research from educational learning games, simulation-based training environments, and intelligent tutoring systems. The focus is, however, on assessment. A benefit of using automated computer-based systems for CBA is that they provide an intelligent, interactive, and open assessment capable for use in large-scale applications. This is the 25th issue in the R&D Connections series.

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