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Report on Adaptability Ratings, Class of 1949, U.S. Coast Guard Academy

French, John Winslow, 1918-
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Adjustment (To Environment), United States Coast Guard Academy, Grade Prediction, Leadership Qualities, Personality Traits, Student Adjustment


From this study and the one on the class of 1947 it is very clear that the instructors and cadets at the Coast Guard Academy have in mind a very consistent and measurable trait when they make their ratings on adaptability. The same can be said for ratings in the Department of Physical Education. Both these traits are unrelated to academic grades, and they have little relation to each other. Suggestions are given for combining the measures of each of these two traits. It is also clear that the entrance tests analyzed in these studies fail to measure or predict these traits. The traits are so clear and present prediction so absent, that the development of suitable prediction tests promises to be difficult but worthwhile. This study confirms the conclusions of other studies that the academic entrance tests used by the Academy do an excellent job in predicting the specific course grades which they are supposed to predict.

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