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Optimal Test Length for Maximum Battery Validity

Horst, Paul
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Test Batteries, Test Length, Test Validity


Having given a fixed amount of total testing time it is important to know how long each test in the battery should be so that the correlation of the battery with the criterion will be a maximum. The precise solution for the test lengths will depend on a particular set of conditions which may be specified. The writer has previously presented solutions for two sets of conditions. This article presents the solution for a third set of conditions. These are: (1) The total number of items or testing time is fixed. (2) The score is the total number of items correctly answered. (3) The test lengths are determined in such a way that the correlation of total score with the criterion is a maximum. The solutions for the two previous sets of conditions, together with the current set are summarized. A set of experimental data is submitted to each solution and the three sets of results are compared.

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