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The Development of Personality Tests to Aid in the Selection of Naval Officers (Periodic Status Report No. 3)

Ricciuti, Henry N.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Office of Naval Research, Aptitude Tests, Leadership Qualities, Navy, Officer Personnel, Personality Measures, Personnel Selection, Test Construction, Vocational Aptitude


Measures of the degree of interrelationship among various aptitude for service ratings, standings in academic courses, and scholastic aptitude test scores, have been computed. The results indicate that where a man stands on aptitude for service bears no relation to where he stands in academic course work, or in scholastic aptitude test score, so that something quite different is involved in these ratings. Ratings made by officers and those made by midshipmen agree well, and show considerable stability from one marking period to another, with the exception of the cruise ratings. Four other variables have been added to the analysis described above, and the necessary computations are virtually completed.

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