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Project Proposal: The High School Comparative Prediction Program

Mollenkopf, William G.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Academic Aptitude, Academic Aspiration, Aptitude Tests, Comparative Prediction Battery, Prediction, Test Construction, Track System (Education)


In order to help high school students make decisions about their future programs of study, a battery of tests to be known as the Comparative Prediction Tests is proposed. These tests will be designed to yield: 1) differential predictions of success in the various programs of study usually available in high schools, such as commercial, college entrance, and industrial arts; 2) differential predictions of success in various occupational fields entered after high school, such as sales, mechanical, clerical, etc. and 3) evaluations of general abilities, giving good predictions for each program of study and for each occupational field. The Comparative Prediction Battery will include measures of aptitude, interest, achievement, and perhaps personality. Then general characteristics of the proposed battery, intended for factor analysis, and a research project and time schedule to develop and validate it are outlined. The experimental battery itself and estimates of the time to be allowed for each item is included in an appendix.

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