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A Comparison of Leadership Ratings Made and Received by Student Raters

Ricciuti, Henry N.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Office of Naval Research, Aptitude Tests, Leadership Qualities, Military Service, Navy, Officer Personnel, Peer Evaluation, Vocational Aptitude


The research reported in this paper represents one portion of a broader investigation. The main investigation has as its objective, the development of personality measures for use in the prediction of aptitude for service, or military leadership potential, of midship at the United States Naval Academy. These ratings are intended to represent an over-all appraisal of a midshipman's potential value to the service as a future Naval officer. During the past year, we have carried out a rather detailed analysis of these aptitude for service ratings used at the Naval Academy, as a preliminary step to the process of test development and validation. The present paper deals with one of the problems which was investigated in the course of this criterion analysis. The problem involved an investigation of the relationships between various characteristics of the ratings made by midshipmen raters in judging the leadership potential of their associates, and the raters' own standings on leadership potential.

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