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A Preliminary Evaluation of the Word Triads Test

Saunders, David R.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Personality Measures, Test Reviews, Verbal Tests, Word Triads Test


The "Word Triads Test" was devised in an attempt to create a type of objectively-scorable personality item which could pose as a legitimate part of an aptitude battery. Each item, or "triad," consists of a set of three words; it is the task of the examinee to select from each set one pair of words which is similar and another pair which is different. Items in this format are comparatively easy to construct, can be provided with an a priori key either for (verbal) reasoning and/or for a variety of personality dimensions, and can be subjected to item analysis procedures for the development of empirical keys for some complex or omnibus criterion. A "sample form" of such a test is included as an exhibit with this memorandum.

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