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Research in Support of Curriculum Development in a Selected Service School of Air University I. An Analysis of the Curriculum of the Field Officer Course

Findley, Warren G.; Frederiksen, Norman O.; Saunders, David R.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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United States Air Force, Air University, Alabama, Course Objectives, Curriculum Development, Curriculum Evaluation, Military Science, Officer Personnel


In December 1951 the Educational Testing Service was asked to study the outcomes of some of the major aspects of the Field Officer Course at Air University. The study as planned was to involve three phases: I. Ascertaining the objectives of instruction of the Field Officer Course; II. Development of instruments and procedures for evaluation of achievement of some of these objectives; and III. Field application of these instruments and procedures to determine the influence of the instruction in the careers of course-graduates. This is the final report on Phase I of the study. The primary purpose of Phase I is to guide the development of evaluation methods in Phase II and to relate the results of Phase III to curriculum improvement. To obtain a clear picture of how the Field Officer Course is designed to influence student officers, the published curriculum of the course was studied, and conferences were held with the instructors and monitors of instruction. The primary purpose of the conferences was to determine the specific outcomes sought by the instruction, in terms of performance in field situations. A total of 502 statements of behavioral objectives obtained from these conferences were classified in order to provide a meaningful description of the objectives of instruction for field grade officers. The 502 objectives were divided into 12 types of behavior, six of which are classified as individual behaviors and the other six as interactive behaviors. Examples of each of the 12 categories are given. The appendix to the report includes the entire set of 502 objectives in both original and classified formats. (JGL)

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