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Use of the Official Bulletin of Information and Published Practice Books as Preparation for the Selective Service College Qualification Test

Schultz, Douglas G.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Aptitude Tests, College Qualification Tests, Selective Service College Qualification Test, Test Instructions, Test Preparation, Test Wiseness


The purpose of this research was to determine the use made by students during the 1951 Selective Service College Qualifications Test (SSCQT) Program, and the effects of such use on test score, of (1) the official Bulletin of Information, (2) published books sold to prepare candidates for the examination, and (3) other types of special preparation. The sample problems in the official SSCQT Bulletin of Information were found to have been widely consulted and there was some indication that among freshman students the relatively few candidates who did not work over these problems were at a slight disadvantage. Very few students said they used special preparation books and, according to the analyses, those who did use them did not benefit from them. Students who used these books described both helpful and harmful features of them. Special correspondence or class courses, practice on objective tests and other types of group instruction were rarely reported. Most of the students who made any special preparation thought it had not helped them much. It is concluded that the official Bulletin of Information played an important role in preparing for the SSCQT, whereas students did not benefit from the published books as they were used.

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