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A Factorial Study of Experimental Tests of Integration, Judgment, and Planning

French, John W.; Lucas, Charles M.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Aptitude Tests, Cognitive Tests, Factor Structure, Navy Relative Movement Test, Officer Personnel


The research described in this report was undertaken for the purpose of attempting to establish factors in the cognitive area of Integration, Judgment, and Planning. A correlation matrix based on 30 test scores was factor analyzed. Among these scores were those of standard factorial reference tests, experimental tests of Spatial Reference, and experimental tests of Integration, Judgment, and Planning. All tests were administered to 666 U.S. Navy officer candidates. Ten factors were extracted and the orthogonal reference frame was rotated to oblique simple structure. Five of these factors were identified as already-established factors; three new factors were tentatively identified; and two factors were considered as residuals and left essentially uninterpreted. The three factors which appeared to be "new" or not already established were tentatively identified as Integration, Spatial Reference, and possibly Planning.

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