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A Factor Analysis Method for Critical Experiments

Tucker, Ledyard R
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Office of Naval Research, Princeton University, Factor Analysis, Intelligence


An inter-battery method of factor analysis is described here which depends on a finding that factor matrices on reference factors can be determined for the two test batteries from just the correlations between the two batteries. It is noted that only the factors common to both the batteries are obtained. The intercorrelations for each battery are used only in obtaining statistical significance tests for the factors determined and for the factor reliability coefficients. Data from a monograph by the Thurstones, "Factorial Studies of Intelligence," is used as illustration of the method and it is concluded "that the inter-battery method of factor analysis permits a psychologist to make a hypothesis that he can represent some factors in both of two batteries of tests. When these batteries are given to an adequate sample of examinees, the inter-battery method may be used to obtain statistical test on factors justified by the data. Coefficients of factor reliability are available to be used as an indication of the extent to which the psychologist was able to repeat the factors. This method should, then, be of use in critical experiments on factor analysis results." Paper presented at APA, September 8, 1954.

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