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Summary of Selected Research on the Validity of the American Council Psychological Examination for College Freshmen as a Predictor of College Grades (Revised Edition of RM-54-02) ACE

Gaver, Frances R.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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American Council on Education Psychological Examination, Grade Prediction, Majors (Students), Predictive Validity


This summary has been prepared in order to present in concise form the findings of some comparatively recent research concerning the validity of the ACE Psychological Examination for College Freshmen. With the exception of two studies which were reported in 1942, the studies included in this summary were published during the last five years. However, this summary should not be considered as an exhaustive survey of recent research; there has been an attempt, rather, to present the results of the larger research programs and of other typical studies dealing with various aspects of the problem. The major aspects covered are: correlations between ACE total scores and college grades; multiple correlations based on ACE scores combined with other predictive measures; and correlations between the ACE sub-scores and college grades. (Supercedes RM-54-02.)

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