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The Verbal-Quantitative Balance of the Selective Service College Qualification Test SSCQT

Cowles, John T.; Olsen, Marjorie A.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Aptitude Tests, Mathematics Tests, Military Service, Selective Service College Qualification Test, Student Deferment, Test Bias, Verbal Tests, Weighted Scores


This report reviews the general rationale of a composite aptitude test of this kind for students with complex patterns of ability; the planned and actual content of the SSCQT; the effective weight and intercorrelation of verbal and quantitative portions of the test; the validity of these parts and the total test; the comparative scores of examinees from different geographical regions and different major fields of study; the effect upon total group and subgroups of altering present V-Q weights; and certain other considerations. The evidence overwhelmingly substantiates the original judgment of the test planners that the fairest single test, for male students in various regions, in various fields of study, at colleges of various types, should emphasize verbal and quantitative abilities in approximately equal proportions.

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