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The Validity of Experimental Predictors of Adaptability at the Coast Guard Academy, Summer 1950

French, John Winslow, 1918-; Saunders, David R.; Ricciuti, Henry N.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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United States Coast Guard Academy, Leadership Qualities, Military Schools, Predictive Validity, Psychological Testing, Student Adjustment


A part of the psychological program at the United States Coast Guard Academy consists of an extended series of academic entrance tests. To accompany these an effort has been made to develop tests to predict the leadership or "adaptability for service" ratings made of cadets at the Academy in connection with all of their activities. This article discusses a validation study of some personality and other measures given to entering cadets in the summer of 1950. Adaptability ratings made during the first year at the Academy, while consistent with one another, were found to be unrelated to academic entrance tests, course grades, and, to a large extent, to the experimental tests administered in this study. However, there was confirmation of earlier findings that memory is of importance to these ratings, and there were significant findings that social ability and a tendency to overstate one's knowledge fit slightly into the picture of adaptability.

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