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Working Plans For the Reference Test Project ETS

French, John Winslow, 1918-
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Cognitive Tests, Educational Testing Service, Factor Analysis, Kit of Reference Tests for Cognitive Factors, Research Committees, Test Construction


Plans for revising and expanding the French Kit of Selected Tests for Reference Aptitude and Achievement Factors are summarized. Committees will work on groups of factors: psychomotor; perceptual, number, and music; reasoning; verbal and fluency; memory; space and mechanical; flexibility and closure; cognition versus personality; temperament; motivation, interests, and attitudes; and psychopathological. Next, committee members and others will provide comments. The committee chair will correspond with the committee regarding: (1) which of the 46 listed factors to include in the revised Kit (the current Kit contains 16 factors); (2) the best word or symbol to name the factor; (3) which tests should be selected; and (4) test specifications to be provided to Educational Testing Service (ETS). The committee chairs will report to the author; committee recommendations will be organized, duplicated, and submitted to all participants for comment or approval. Test editing and development will be performed at ETS; changes will be reported to the committees. Arrangements will be made for publication of the Kit and the manual, and for improved publicity. The Kit tests will be submitted to a series of check factorizations. Two additional concerns for the personality committee are exploring how factor analysis explains the point of contact between cognition and personality, and forming a statement about Cattell's Kit for Objective Personality Test Factors. The committees dealing with temperament, motivation, interests, attitudes, and psychopathology will also be asked to explore committee actions which would benefit research in those areas.

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