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Dimensions of Executive Positions: A Study Of The Basic Characteristics of the Positions Of Ninety-Three Business Executives

Hemphill, John K
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Administrator Role, Administrators, Executive Position Description Questionnaire, Executive Study, Factor Structure, Job Analysis


A research form of an Executive Position Description questionnaire, containing 575 items or positions elements, was completed by 93 business executives. Each respondent utilized a seven-point response scale to describe his position in terms of the degree each element was a "part of the position." The executives were from five companies and were selected from three management levels and five functional areas of business. It is suggested that the revised questionnaire will serve a distinct purpose in research on the abilities or personal qualities required in executive work by making it possible to conduct studies on more homogeneous classes of positions. This method of executive position description also may find practical application in (1) clarification of the nature of specific positions for the incumbent and his superior (2) planning systematic job rotations for the purpose of executive development and (3) providing an objective base for executive salary administration.

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