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On The Dimensionality of the WAIS Battery for Two Groups of Normal Males

Saunders, David R.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Factor Structure, Intelligence, Intelligence Tests, Males, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS)


Factor analysis is applied to two 19 by 19 intercorrelation matrices of Wechsler split-half subtest scores, in order to estimate the dimensionality of the basic battery. All of the WAIS tests except Vocabulary were given. The subjects were 228 male college or college-preparatory students. Evidence is adduced supporting the statistical significance of 10 orthogonal dimensions within the 10-test battery studied, but the factors are not perfectly congruent with the subtest structure of the battery. Comprehension is found to involve two distinct factors, while no distinctive and significant factor is found for Object Assembly; the reliability of the latter can be accounted for by the Block Design and Picture Completion factors. An eleventh factor which can be interpreted as a weak doublet for Object Assembly is of questionable significance. The results are consistent with the efforts of some clinical psychologists to interpret the Wechsler "psychogram" as a personality measure, provided attention is given to the individual items of the Comprehension and Picture Completion tests. The results are also consistent with prior factor studies of the Wechsler which have found only three to five factors; the large superficial difference in the results may be attributed to a limiting feature implicit in the methodology of most prior studies.

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