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A Factor Analysis of the Information and Arithmetic Items of the WAIS WAIS

Saunders, David R.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, Factor Analysis, Factor Structure, Intelligence Testing, Intelligence Tests, Item Analysis, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS)


Factor analysis is applied to a matrix of item intercorrelations based on the WAIS Information and Arithmetic subtests, using a sample of college-oriented males. Six factors were found: I. General Information; II. Contemporary Affairs; III. Cultural Knowledge; IV. Scientific Generalizations; V. Numerical Information; and VI. Numerical Operations. The Information subtest of the WAIS appears to depend primarily on Factors I, II, and III, with some items highly loaded on Factors IV and V. The Information subtest of the WB-I is similar except for the notable absence of Factor IV. The Arithmetic subtests of both the WB-I and the WAIS appear to depend primarily on Factor VI, with most items also loaded on Factor V, and most difficult items also loaded on Factor IV. Scholastic aptitude appears to be a composite of Factors III, V, and VI.

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