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Dimensions of Administrative Performance

Carlton, Sydell T.; Coffield, William E.; Frederiksen, Norman O.; Griffiths, Daniel; Hemphill, John K; Iannaccone, Laurence.; Stice, Glen
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Office of Education, Cooperative Research Branch, Administrator Evaluation, Elementary Education, Evaluation Methods, In-Basket Tests, Job Analysis, Principals, Situational Tests, Work Sample Tests


Although administration is a characteristic of all organized effort, relatively little is known of its nature and even less of its dimensions. This book is a report of a study designed to explore the performance of those holding one important administrative position -- the elementary school principalship in the public schools of the United States. The administrative performance of the elementary school principal was chosen for study because of the high degree of interest in the problems associated with it. Boards of education, superintendents of schools, and the general public are demanding improved methods of educating and selecting school principals and of improving the adminstration of schools.

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