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An Investigation of Factors Associated With Drop-Out and Transfer by Scholarship Applicants SAT

Cliff, Norman
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ETS Research Bulletin
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College Board, Dropout Characteristics, Parent Financial Contribution, Part Time Students, Scholarships, Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), Sex Differences, Student Characteristics, Transfer Students


Scholarship applicants who dropped out of college or changed from full-time to part-time attendance after originally entering on a full-time basis were contrasted with control students who spent three consecutive years in full-time attendance at the same institution. The controls were also compared to students who transferred from one college to another of equal or lower cost. The groups were compared on 11 measures of family financial status and socioeconomic level and also on SAT scores. The principal difference between Drop-out boys and Controls was in the finding that the former received less scholarship aid. Drop-out girls were somewhat lower on all the socioeconomic variables. Transfer boys were different mainly through having lower SAT scores. Transfer girls came from rather high-income families, received little in the way of scholarship aid, and their families contributed rather large amounts towards their college expenses.

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