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The Engineering Study

Hemphill, John K
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Engineering Achievement Test, Engineers, Job Analysis, Job Placement, Key Group Data Form, Occupational Tests, Predictive Measurement


This study concerns the use of tests for the placement of engineers in industrial jobs and involves one of the most comprehensive investigations ever conducted in this area. The history of the project is described in the first chapter. The project began with the development of new methods for classifying engineering jobs. Studies were then made of the concurrent validity of a large number of experimental tests against both success and satisfaction criteria for each major type of engineering job. Finally, longitudinal studies were made of engineers tested as new-hires and evaluated two years later. All of these studies were cooperative projects involving several companies which employ large numbers of engineers. The results should be of interest not only to industrial psychologists and personnel managers but also to anyone who is concerned with the use of psychological tests in counseling, selection, or classification. The report is of interest not only for its methodological and substantive contributions but also as a case history of a longitudinal research project. (JGL)

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