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Association Test Antonym-Response Set

Gerjuoy, Herbert; Schiffman, Harold; Wynne, Ronald D.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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National Institute of Mental Health, Antonyms, Association Measures, Constructed Responses, Kent Rosanoff Word Association Test, Multiple Choice Tests, Response Style (Tests), Test Format


Normal Ss were given 54 Kent-Rosanoff-list words in one of three different orders, with one of two different instructions, and with one of two different test formats. Instructions to give the responses that most people give increased nonantonym-popular response frequencies, particularly when a multiple-choice format was used instead of an open-ended format. When words that frequently elicit antonyms were presented early or were rectangularly distributed through the list, more popular-antonym responses were elicited than when such words were generally late in the list. It was suggested that antonym set reduces conceptual effort.

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