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High School Attrition

Stice, Glen; Ekstrom, Ruth B.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Dropout Characteristics, Dropouts, High School Students, Student Attrition, Student Characteristics


The purpose of this study is to describe the high school dropout with regard to his or her educational, vocational, and sociological characteristics. Data were collected from a stratified sample of 97 public high schools having 9,699 tenth-grade pupils. Two years later a follow-up was made to determine which pupils had completed high school. Dropouts were characterized by: (1) poor achievement in school, (2) having no plans for post-high school education, (3) low academic aptitude, (4) having a father who is not a high school graduate and who holds a job requiring little skill or training, (5) enrollment in a non-academic curriculum, and (6) living in the South or in a large city.

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