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An IBM 7090-94 Program to Analyze Paired Comparisons Type Data Collected by a Multiple Rank Orders Design

Gulliksen, Dorothy P.; Gulliksen, Harold O.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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National Science Foundation (NSF), Office of Naval Research, Computer Software, Data Analysis, Item Analysis, Paired Comparisons


An IBM 7090-94 program is described for analysis of paired comparisons type data collected by multiple rank orders design. The program utilizes input data from questionnaires of thirteen different designs, from a 7 X 7 X 3 design (7 stimuli in 7 blocks of 3 each) to an 81 X 90 X 9 design. A checking program is included, with an output identifying certain types of errors. The output of the analysis program provides the following information on each subject: "votes for" score for each stimulus in the questionnaire; number of stimuli not favored or favored in the Absolute Judgment section; and the total circular triads for each subject, both before and after including the absolute judgments. Analysis for group output includes the paired comparisons matrix for all subjects and all stimuli, as well as scale values determined from this matrix. MULRAC is a variation of MULRA9 which provides a punched card output for each subject. MULRAC works for a design up to 31 X 31 X 6. The input format allows for up to 9,999 subjects. The least squares solution for scale value is used. The program uses a FORTRAN listing.

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