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Preliminary Word-Association Norms for Institutionalized Adolescent Retardates

Gerjuoy, Herbert; Gerjuoy, Irma R.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Adolescents, Association Measures, Institutionalized Persons, Mental Retardation, Test Norms, Verbal Tests, Word Lists


The feasibility of collecting word associations to assess verbal skills was examined in a population of 102 male and female educable mentally handicapped adolescents living in a residential facility. The mean chronological age was 16.05 years; the mean IQ as measured by the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children was 63.04. The stimuli, 100 words from the Kent-Rosanoff list, were presented orally by the experimenter. A single-word response was permitted. Only two subjects were not able to be tested, due to a lack of cooperation or a severe speech and hearing disability. Therefore, it was concluded that this method of testing is clearly feasible. Extensive appendices include the list of verbal stimuli in the order presented, followed by the list of responses received and their frequency.

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