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Assembly of Tests by Use of an Automated Item File

Rock, Donald A.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Computer Assisted Testing, Item Analysis, Item Banks, Test Construction, Test Format


This paper describes the early stages of the development of a computerized item file of potential test items. The items would be 1) classified according to their characteristics; 2) stored for retrieval by computer; and 3) retrieved and assembled when necessary to produce tests that have characteristics that are specified in advance. The item classification system developed to this end is included her in Appendix A. The system classifies items by the following major categories: 1) subject matter content; 2) psychological processes involved in the item task; 3) abilities tested by the item; 4) abilities assumed but not tested; 5) information demands; 6) item statistics; and 7) associated materials. Each of these categories are discussed in the appendix.

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