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Some IBM 7090-94 Programs for Nonlinear Factor Analysis

McDonald, Roderick P.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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National Science Foundation (NSF), Office of Naval Research, Computer Software, Factor Analysis, Nonlinear Models


The programs described were written for use within the content of a theory of nonlinear factor analysis developed by McDonald. In this context, three of the programs, SPAN, POSER, and FAINT, expect as input the results of a series of standard factor analysis operations. In particular, the input formats are chosen to conform to the PUNCH format from PSTAT (1). The fourth program, COPE, expects as input the punched output from either SPAN or POSER, and some punched output as available from PSTAT. In their present form, then, the programs communicate with each other via punched cards. With suitable modifications this could be done via tape.

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