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"Spontaneity vs. Deliberateness" as a Dimension of Esthetic Judgment

Klein, Stephen P.; Skager, Rodney W.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Carnegie Corporation, Art Products, Evaluation Criteria, Freehand Drawing


The authors' previous research indicated that there were two major viewpoints among experts as to what constituted quality in a drawing. It was hypothesized that these viewpoints were related to the distinction between "spontaneous" and "deliberate" drawing styles. To investigate this hypothesis, drawings rated high and low by the experts holding each viewpoint were sorted by laymen into a "spontaneous" or a "deliberate" pile. A partitioning of the total chi-square indicated that one of the viewpoints was highly related to this distinction and that even though laymen and experts do not agree on what constitutes quality, laymen could easily adopt an orientation that permitted such agreement.

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