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Development of an Interest Test: Academic Interest Measures AIM

Halpern, Gerald
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Academic Interest Measures (AIM), Adolescents, Interest Inventories, Student Educational Objectives, Student Interests, Test Construction


This paper was presented at the Symposium on Interest Measurement, sponsored by Center for Interest Measurement Research, University of Minnesota on May 19-22, 1966. It describes the history, starting in 1942, of the development phases of the Academic Interest Measures (AIM). The original attempt of the test was to assess level of interest in a number of areas relevant for adolescents rather than to measure the extent to which adolescents possessed adult interests. In 1964 a study indicated that substantial external validity existed; a more complete investigation was underway at the time of this presentation in which AIM will be administered to eleventh-grade students at a random sample of U.S. schools along with a scholastic aptitude measure and a questionnaire. The students will be followed over time.

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