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The Use of Achievement and Ability Test Averages SCAT STEP

Bianchini, John C.; Fortna, Richard O.; Heath, Robert W.; Janssen, David R.; Young, Maurice R.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Achievement Tests, Aptitude Tests, School Statistics, School and College Ability Tests (SCAT), Scores, Sequential Tests of Educational Progress (STEP), Test Interpretation, Test Norms, Test Use


This paper describes a procedure employing regression effect and standard error of estimate for reporting a class's or a school's standing on an achievement test in reference to performance expected from the group's level of ability. The average achievement test score for a school is compared to the distribution of achievement test means expected of schools with students at the same level of scholastic ability. Using this theoretical distribution of means, it is possible to bring more information to bear in the evaluation of the school's performance. The authors conclude that the procedures may suggest to educators hypotheses regarding the effects of curriculum and media innovations, the influences of socioeconomic factors, minority group status, and physical facilities as well as providing help in preventing some common systematic errors in test interpretation.

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